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Antenatal Classes



Antenatal classes are usually started around 26 -32 weeks of pregnancy, and

covers pregnancy and the actual day of the birth.

I run the Antenatal course on a Saturday from 08h30 to 16h00 once a

month. I choose to keep the classes small and informal, which really helps

new parents feel at ease and open to ask questions and explore this new

world ahead of them.

I am passionate about each and every family who comes through my doors,

and provide support and follow up care after baby is born, if parents need

and want it.


• Joys and Challenges, stages of Pregnancy

• Placenta, cervix and uterus, pelvic floor, hormones

• Pelvic floor, amniotic sac and vagina

• Development of baby, positions of baby in the womb

• Do's and don’ts during pregnancy

• Normal Vaginal Delivery

• Stages of labour

• Birthing DVD

• C/S, epidural,

• Vacuum, forceps, induction

• Assisted delivery DVD

• Pain control

• Breastfeeding

• Breast vs bottle

• Latching, positions, expressing

• Expressing

• Breastfeeding and latching DVD

• Apgar scores, and measurements

• The first 6 weeks

• Vaccinations

• Practical Examples

• Pregnancy exercises

• Labour and breathing

• Latching baby

• Swaddling

• Bathing baby

• Positions in labour

• Baby bath

The cost of the course is R1 600 per couple. You will be provided with a

goodie bag and an antenatal book, which you are able to take home and

refer to.

We start off the morning with coffee/tea/juice and rusks usually and break

for lunch together (which I provide) and then have some tea during the


A maximum of 3 couples really makes for an enjoyable day for all the


Looking forward to meeting with you and your family as we walk this road


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