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Parenting Course


Preparation for Parenting (0-6 months) R220 – 6 week course (2 hours once a week)

          •Foundations of Prep for parenting 

          •feeding philosophies 

          •babies and sleep 

          •facts on feeding 

          •monitoring your babies growth 

          •establishing your babies routine 

          •wake times and naps 

          •when your baby cries

Preparation for the Toddler years (6-18 months) R180 – 5 week course (2 hours once a week)

          •Foundations of moral training 

          •mealtime activities 

          •highchair manners and behaviour 

          •wake time activities 


          •nap and sleep time activities 

          •child language development 

          •teaching your baby to sign 

          •potty training thoughts

Growing Kids Gods way (3 years – 8 years) R350 – 20 week course (3 hours once a week)

          How to raise a moral child

          right beginnings

          touch points of love

          the fathers mandate

          your child's conscience

          character development

          orespect for authority and parents

          orespect for age

          orespect for peers, property and nature

          principals of obedience

          discipline with encouragement

          discipline with correction

          consequences and punishment

          repentance, forgiveness and restoration

          discipline issues – part 1

          discipline issues – part 2

          the appeal process

          building a healthy family

          rejection (optional extras)

          memorials  (optional extras)

Reflections of Moral Innocence (8 years and up) R150 - 8 week course (1 1/2 hours once a week)

          •this course covers the introduction of sexuality to your children, in a way that preserves their moral innocence (allowing them to remain children for longer) but also in a way where you can impart the facts of life to your child in an informative and loving way. 

Preparation for the teenage years (9 years and up) -  being introduced this year.

          •still to be completed by facilitators, available for 2011.

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